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Soft Hands

For years I was plagued with rough, dry hands. My hands were so rough that I barely wanted to touch myself. My hubby and kids complained and joked about my rough, dry hands. “Mom we don’t need scouring pads to clean the pots. Why don’t you just rub them with your hands?” I believed the [...]


Although the average consumer ingests pesticides daily in the non-organic foods purchased at the supermarket, the thought of intentionally whipping a batch of pesticide for consumption sounds depraved. Before you shake our head in disgust, you should know there is a naturally occurring substance called diatomaceous earth that is harmless to humans, but deadly to [...]


The mouth can be a gateway to blessings and health or curses and death. On a physical level, the mouth is the entryway for most of what we ingest. In general, we are aware of what we eat and how it tastes. What we’re not so aware of are tiny organisms residing in our mouths [...]

African Black Soap

The other day while watching the Dr. Oz TV show, he introduced a product called Black African Soap. This soap is supposed to help soften dry skin and diminish acne. One soap that tackles both dry skin and acne? I always thought dry skin and acne were mutually exclusive. Growing up as a kid I [...]

For those of you new to rowing, especially sweep rowing and/or sculling, you’ll find that it takes a bit of coordination. This article will focus on one small part of a rower’s stroke; it’s called feathering. As harmless as the term sounds, the technique takes a bit of skill. First of all, let’s explain what [...]


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative arthritic condition which is caused by the breakdown or wear and tear of the cartilage that cushions the joints. While the medical community is not 100% sure as to the causes of osteoarthritis, they do know factors that are likely to increase the probability of being diagnosed with the condition. Factors [...]

Before you run out to purchase a Waterpik or any of the accessories it requires, make sure to look for coupons. One of the most logical places to search for Waterpik coupons is on the Waterpik site. The coupons change over time but they tend to have an extended expiration date. For example, they have [...]

Look at an unpleasant situation in your life. How do you view it? Are you a victim or is the situation a catalyst for change? How you look at your life and life's situations will dictate if you will receive more of the same or make changes for the better. Before delving into this topic, [...]

Are you the type of individual that loves getting up everyday to enjoy a commute to the office? Do you enjoy having to wear the corporate uniform? What about being allocated an entire 60 minutes to eat lunch and for smokers, the occasional 15 minutes to smoke? Wait, I'm not done yet. Do you enjoy [...]

Congratulations to you. You made it to your junior year in High School. You're a good student; you diligently study, volunteer in class and have managed to maintain a good average. You hold down a part-time job and are active in the community. You embody everything that any university or college would want in a [...]